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2022 News in brief

2022-12-30 20:27  


  1. 420日在国际顶尖期刊《细胞》上在线发表了题为“Incomplete lineage sorting and phenotypic evolution in marsupials”的研究长文,报道了中外科学家在基因组与表型进化方面的重要研究成果。河北农业大学是其署名单位之一。我校研究生参与了研究工作,为该文的最终顺利完成作出了重要贡献。

    On April 20, a long research paper entitled "Incomplete Lineage Sorting and Phenotypic Evolution in Marsupials" was published online on the top international journal "Cell". It reported the important research achievements in genome and phenotypic evolution with joint efforts of domestic and foreign scientists. HEBAU is one of its signatories. Some graduates participated in the research work and made important contributions to the success of the paper.

  2. 624日,河北农业大学蔬菜遗传育种团队在植物经典杂志The Plant Journal在线发表了题为Discovery of a DFR gene that controls anthocyanin accumulation in the spiny Solanum group: roles of a natural promoter variant and alternative splicingDFR基因启动子自然变异和可变剪接调控多刺茄属植物花青苷合成新发现)的研究论文,揭示了DFR基因自然变异和可变剪接调控花青苷合成新机制。团队从事茄子遗传育种研究近30年,历经9年时间创制了EMS诱变的茄子突变体库。该研究对茄科作物乃至植物花青苷合成及相关表型驯化的研究具有重要意义。


On June 24, the vegetable genetics and breeding team of HEBAU published an online research paper entitled “Discovery of a DFR Gene that Controls Anthocyanin Accumulation in the Spiny Solanum Group: Roles of a Natural Promoter Variant and Alternative Splicing” on The Plant Journal. The new mechanism of DFR gene natural variation and alternative splicing regulating anthocyanin synthesis was revealed. The team has been engaged in eggplant genetics and breeding research for nearly 30 years. It has created an eggplant mutant library induced by EMS, and identified a mutant with eggplant fruit color variation after nine-year research. It is also of great significance for the study of anthocyanin synthesis and related phenotypic domestication of solanaceous crops and even plants.

  1. 近日,我校蔬菜遗传育种团队在PNAS上发表了题为“OCTOPUS Regulates BIN2 to Control Leaf Curvature in Chinese Cabbage”的研究论文,阐明了BrOPS基因介导油菜素内酯(BR)信号途径调控大白菜叶片抱合方式的分子机理。该成果是继本团队2022年发表在Molecular Plant上关于大白菜研究的又一重要进展。我校蔬菜遗传育种团队赵建军教授和申书兴教授为论文通讯作者,张晓孟博士、马卫教授、刘梦洋副教授为论文的共同第一作者。该研究得到了国家自然科学基金重点和面上项目、河北省自然科学基金创新群体等项目资助。(2022年8月16日)

    The vegetable genetics and breeding team of HEBAU published a recent research paper on PNAS entitled "OCTOPUS Regulates BIN2 to Control Leaf Curvature in Chinese Cabbage", which clarified the molecular mechanism of BrOPS gene mediated brassinolide (BR) signal pathway regulating leaf cohesion of Chinese cabbage. This achievement is another important progress on Chinese cabbage research published on the Molecular Plant by the team in 2022. Prof. Zhao Jianjun and Prof. Shen Shuxing are the corresponding authors , and Dr. Zhang Xiaomeng, Prof. Ma Wei and Associate Prof. Liu Mengyang are the co first authors. The research has been supported by key and general programs of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, innovation groups of the Natural Science Foundation of Hebei Province and other programs. (August. 16, 2022)

  2. 近日,国家自然科学基金委员会发布国家自然科学基金优秀青年科学基金项目评审结果,我校园艺学院蔬菜遗传育种团队马卫博士主持申报的“大白菜叶球发育生物学”获批立项,项目经费200万元,实现了我校主持此类项目的历史性突破。(2022年8月13日)

    According to the review result of the National Natural Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars Science Fund Program recently released by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), the program of "Chinese Cabbage Bulb Development Biology" hosted by Dr. Ma Wei, a member of the vegetable genetics and breeding team, HEBAU, was approved, with 2 million yuan funding. It is a breakthrough in the history of HEBAU. (August. 13, 2022)








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