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HEBAU Holds Online "Bioagriculture and Biointelligence Forum" --- "Academic Forum Series" for Anniversary Celebration

2022-04-22 20:12  

On the afternoon of April 21, "Bioagriculture and Biointelligence Forum" was successfully held by HEBAU as one of "Academic Forum Series" for 120 Anniversary Celebration. On the topic of "Helping Frontier Science and Technology Development via Integrating Multidisciplines in Biointelligence", the forum invited experts at home and abroad, including Ton Bisseling, academician of Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, delivered theme reports.

Vice President Zhao Banghong attended the event. He said that as a new growth point in the interdisciplinary field of HEBAU, Bioagriculture and Biointelligence are at a new stage of resource integration, team optimization and rapid development. He hoped that the team could focus on the demand  of biological agriculture development in the new era and the trends of future development in biointelligence, continue to bring together new ideas and technologies, so as to promote industrial innovation through technological innovation, product innovation and management innovation. They need to seize the commanding heights of biological industry and promote the leapfrog development of bioagriculture and biointelligence by talent training, scientific and technological innovation and achievement transformation.

More than 600 people, including heads, faculty and students of Scientific Reasearch Academy, College of International Education and Exchange and College of Life Sciences attended the event.

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