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Professor Cheng Qi of HEBAU was Elected as Foreign Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

2022-03-10 10:40  

Dec.31, 2021

Recently, Cheng Qi, a professor of the College of Life Sciences, HEBAU, was elected as a foreign academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

Prof. Cheng Qi joined HEBAU in November 2020 with the titles of distinguished professors, doctoral tutors and level-2A Taihang Scholar. At present, his main research direction is Biological Nitrogenase Engineering and Nucleic Acid Amplification Related Enzyme Engineering. He received his Doctorate of Biochemistry from East Anglia University, UK, used to work in the Department of Botany of Cambridge University and related enterprises, and has an in-depth research on related metabolic pathways and protein enzymology in plants and microorganisms. He has published more than 100 papers in domestic and foreign professional journals, such as Nature, PNAS, PLos Genetics, JBC and Plant Physio; 1 independent monograph, 5 participated monographs and more than 30 patents. He is the inventor of RAA technology for rapid gene detection at room temperature in vitro using the enzymatic system in vivo and has successively established a number of high-end biotechnology enterprises after returning to China since 2010. Plus, he advocated and participated in the preparation of the China John Innes Centerinitiated by Chinese and British academic and business circles. He is also committed to the scientific and innovative activities of industrial, agricultural and medical transformation and has initiated the establishment of a comprehensive international biotechnology cooperation and application platform "Global Alliance of HEBAU-CLS&HeQiS for BioAI-Manufacturing".

The Russian Academy of Natural Sciences is the largest Academy of Social Sciences in Russia recognized by the United Nations. The Academy currently has 18 Nobel laureates, more than 270 academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences, more than 30 academicians of the Russian National Academy of Medical Sciences and more than 20 academicians of other academies of Sciences, including foreign academicians from 48 countries. Many high-end talents such as academicians of the Academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering  have been elected as foreign academicians of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.


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