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HEBAU has been Approved the Second Time for Sino-Foreign Cooperative Education Project by the Ministry of Education

2021-11-16 10:38  

Nov.16, 2021

Recently, the Ministry of Education issued the notice on the approval of Sino-Foreign Cooperative Education Projects in the first half of 2021. The undergraduate education project of Pharmaceutical Engineering jointly declared by HEBAU and Paichai University, Korea, was officially approved. This is another major breakthrough in this area after the approval of Sino-German Program. It is an innovative practice for HEBAU to broaden the ways to improve the quality of talent training. The choice of the discipline accounts for providing talent and intellectual support for innovation-driven development of medicine in Hebei province, which is of great significance to fill the gap of high-quality medical education resources in HEBAU and promote the deep integration of international industry, study and research.

The recruiting will start in 2022, in line with the development and construction goal of Hebei Province in the fields of "pharmaceutical frontier industry, biotherapy industry, new generation biotechnology, new drug research and development". 40% of high-quality courses, teaching materials and faculties will be introduced from foreign partner to cultivate pharmaceutical professionals with solid pharmaceutical basic knowledge, practical pharmaceutical technical skills and broad international vision. After graduation, students will be granted the academic degree certificate of HEBAU. Those who choose to study in South Korea for two years can also obtain the degree of Paichai University, Korea.

The Pharmaceutical Engineering Discipline, HEBAU, has started undergraduate enrollment since 2004. Now it has a deep accumulation of Microbiology Discipline and a good foundation of Biopharmaceutical Discipline which ranks on the top list of Hebei Province. It has 6 national and provincial platforms, including the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, and has doctoral / master's degree authorization in Microbiology and master's degree authorization in Biology and Medicine.

Paichai University, Korea, located in Daejeon, South Korea, is a high-level research university in South Korea. It is an A-level university focusing on cultivating innovative talents. Founded in 1885, the university is the first recognized higher education institution in Korean history, and it is also the university implementing the foreign scholarship education program of the Korean government. Biomedicine and Bioengineering Disciplines of Paichai University have been integrated with disciplines of pharmaceutical, and have formed an international faculty team of scientific research. The master's and doctoral degree authorization of Paichai University was granted in 1993 and 1996 respectively. The College of Natural Sciences, in which the programwill be implemented, has won the title of "the Best College of Biomedicine Evaluated by the Korean Industry in 2018", and has set up Korean national platforms such as Biomedical Resources Research Center, Biomedical Regional Technology Innovation Center, etc.


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