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HEBAU is Authorized to Lead the Construction of the “Belt and Road Initiatives” International Innovation Institute of Vegetable Industry (Hebei)

2022-03-10 10:34  

Recently, Human Resources Development Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the Peoples Republic of China (China Association of Agricultural Science Societies) authorized HEBAU to lead the construction of the Belt and Road Initiatives International Innovation Institute of Vegetable Industry (Hebei).

 Relying on the existing international scientific research cooperation platforms of HEBAU, such as the State Key Laboratory and the "Hebei Foreign Academician Workstation", the institute integrates the talents and intelligence resources introduced by HEBAU in recent years, and is jointly built with leading enterprises and well-known universities domestically and abroad, such as Chenguang Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd. and the University of Zambia, in order to further deepen the international influence of vegetable discipline of HEBAU.

 With a principle of serving for Belt and Road Initiatives and building up international cooperation mechanism, the institute will strengthen the international cooperation with Belt and Road countries. With three-year construction, it will attract at least 20 well-known agricultural units domestically and abroad, including universities, scientific research institutes and industrialization leading enterprises. They will work together to build an advanced innovation platform with significant strengths in the fields, such as: safe and efficient production technology of vegetables, storage, transportation, fresh-keeping processing and industrial management, as well as develop a batch of world-leading innovative achievements which are symbolic in applied basic research, for the purpose of significantly enhancing the capability and position of HEBAU in the international agricultural science and technology governance system.

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