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College of Economics & Trade

The College of Economics and Trade, Agricultural University of Hebei was established in 2002.? Its predecessors were Department of Agricultural Economics, Agricultural University of Hebei in 1979 and Department of Forestry Economics of the former Forestry College of Hebei in 1984. Presently, the College has 72 teaching and administrative staff among which there are 10 professors. The College possesses six departments: Department of Economics, Department of Public Finance, Department of International Trade, Department of Marketing, Department of Finance and Department of Statistics, as well as the Experimental Center for Finance and Information and the Institute of New Rural Construction. It also has more than 150 full-time postgraduates for doctoral and master degree programs as well as over 1400 full-time students who are in three-year or four-year undergraduate programs for academic education.

Specialities for Undergraduates

International Economy and Trade
Public Finance

Programs for Master Degree
Agricultural Economics and Management Industrial Economics
Population Resources and Environmental Economics Regional Economics

Programs for Doctoral Degree

Agricultural Economics and Management
Rural Public Finance and Rural Finance Rural Industrial Economics

Doctoral Supervisors and Their Research Interests:
Sun Wensheng£º
Quantitative Economic Analysis and Statistics; Population and Economic Development; Industrial Economics Theory and Policy
Wang Jian: Regional Economy and Urban Construction; Information Economics and Management; Marketing and Trade for Agricultural Products;
Zhao Banghong£ºRural Economic Theory and Policy; Industrial Economic Theory and Policy; Asset Management and Assessment
Zhang Runqing£ºIndustrial Economic Theory and Policy; Urban-Rural Regional Construction Planning and Layout; Quantitative Economic Analysis and Statistics
Zhang Xiaoguang: Rural Public Finance and Rural Finance; Agricultural Economic Theory and Policy.
Zhao Banghong, dean of the College
Tel: 0086-312-7528606 Email£ºzhbh219@126.com; zhbh@hebau.edu.cn  
Li Si-sheng, vice dean in charge of foreign affairs
Tel: 0086-312-7528607 Email£ºlisisheng@eyou.com
Lu Jian, secretary of foreign affairs
Tel: 0086-312-7528635 Email£ºlujian@hebau.edu.cn

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