Jacque Carter, President of Doane University, visited HEBAU



On July 2nd, Jacque Carter, President of Doane University, USA  visited HEBAU and President Shen Shuxing met with him. During the discussion, the two sides reviewed the progress made in the dual-degree programs of undergraduate and master programs, student exchanges and teacher visits since the establishment of the cooperative relationship between the two universities in 2014, discussed existing problems and solutions in the management of existing cooperative programs, and looked forward to future cooperation.

Carter, focusing on the new campus of Doane University, the development of disciplines and specialties, the improvement of school level, the development of global network courses, and the cooperation with the world famous universities, introduced the achievements of Doane University in recent years with great interest. He said that among the international students of Doane University, the students of HEBAU have super perseverance and willpower. According to their individualized characteristics, Doane University focuses on cultivating their self-consciousness, academic and career planning ability.


President Shen Shuxing positively affirmed President Carter's idea of international education and appreciated the international development strategy of Doane University in recent years. He pointed out that both universities are in a critical period of the development of the education teaching reform and have the common concept of integrating with the global education. In the near future, Xiongan New Area will be built into a world-class innovative leading city, and the two universities should seize this rare opportunity to expand the cooperation space between the two universities and achieve leap-forward development. HEBAU launched the preparatory class for going abroad to build a platform for the improvement of students' international communication and intercultural communication level this year. It is hoped that the two universities can open up multi-channel programs such as Bachelor and Master articulation program, cultivate students' international vision, and enhance the internationalization scale and level of the two universities.

Carter also visited the Social Science and Management Experimental Teaching Center on west campus and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Achievement Exhibition, and communicated with teachers and students who planned to go to Doane University this fall. Officials from International Cooperation Office, Office of Teaching Affairs, College of Foreign Languages, College of Business, College of Humanities and Social Sciences participated in the activities.

Reporter: Sun Zhiying      Editior: Shi Chunxiang

           Translated by Ren Xiaokun and Proofread by Ran Longxian