The Vice Governor of the Province of South Holland, Holland Visited HEBAU


On May 16th, a delegation of 6 people led by Ms. Adri Bom-Lemstra, Vice Governor of South Holland from the provincial government of South Holland and the Inholland University of Applied Science, Holland visited HEBAU. The delegation including Wiebe Brandsma, the Minister of Economic and Social Affairs of the Province of South Holland; Fokje Lamboo, senior policy adviser of the Bureau of International Affairs, European Union; Qin Zixiao, project manager of the Project of Business Promotion between China and Holland; Gerard Van Oosten, Dean of the College of Agronomy, Food and Life, the Inholland University of Applied Science and Prof. Huang Caicheng, the Inholland University of Applied Science. Prof. Gao Baojia, the former Vice President of HEBAU, met with the delegation and accompanied them to visit the Historic Museum of HEBAU. The two sides also held detailed talks on the operation of the Sino-Holland dual-degree program.

During this period, Prof. Huang Caicheng delivered a special report entitled "Teaching Methods of the Inholland University of Applied Science" in the meeting room of the College of Horticulture. Taking the differences between China and Holland in culture and training objectives as the starting point, he illustrated the differences and similarities of the two universities' teaching methods and concepts, in the hope of inspiring the improvement of students' application ability and promoting the cooperation between the two universities in the long run. Officials from the International Cooperation Office, Teaching Affairs Office and the College of Horticulture and the representatives of faculty attended the report.

Reporter: Ren Xiaokun  Editor: Yang Xiaoli

 Translated by Ren Xiaokun and Proofread by Ran Longxian