The President Delegation from University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest in Romania visited HEBAU


From January 5th to 8th, the delegation including President Prof. Sorin Mihai Cimpeanu, Vice President Prof. Florin Stanica of University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest, and the former science and technology counsellor of Chinese Embassy in Romania, Mr. Wang Jianzu visited HEBAU. This visit is a further deepening of the cooperation between the two universities based on the memorandum signed in 2015 and the joint laboratory for the joint development of jujube research in 2017. President of HEBAU, Shen Shuxing, attended the event and delivered a speech. Vice President Gao Baojia hosted the conference.


In the tenth floor, conference room at the Comprehensive Building of HEBAU, President of HEBAU, Shen Shuxing extended a warm welcome to the delegation's visit. He pointed out that the current food as end products of the agricultural industry is growing rapidly. The strategy of rejuvenating agricultural development in rural areas requires local agricultural colleges and universities’ irreplaceable technical guidance and support. The two universities have a great potential for cooperation in the field of multidisciplinary cross training and technology research and development. Based on the background of the Integration of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and construction of the Xiongan New area, in-depth cooperation will have a positive impact on the bilateral development in the future.


Prof. Sorin Mihai Cimpeanu reviewed the scientific and technological cooperation with Chinese agricultural universities and research institutes for more than 20 years, and expressed the strong desire to jointly promote “Belt & Road Initiatives” construction with HEBAU. With the wish of starting from the Horticultural Science, Food Science and Technology, Veterinary Medicine and other disciplines, the two universities actively promote the practical bilateral cooperation in cooperative education and agricultural science and technology. During the talks, the two sides reviewed the bilateral cooperation process and discussed the cooperation between China and foreign countries, the doctoral scholarship program and the joint development research institute of China and Romania.


During the visit, the delegation visited the History Museum of HEBAU and the Taihang Mountain Road Cultural Park, inspected the laboratory of the College of Horticulture and the National Engineering Research Center for Agriculture in Northern Mountainous Areas, and communicated with relevant persons in charge of the program on the details of scientific research cooperation.


The staff who are in charge of International Cooperation Office, the National Engineering Research Center for Agriculture in Northern Mountainous Areas, the Institute of Scientific Research, the College of Horticulture, the College of Food Science and Technology, and the College of Veterinary Medicine attended the activity.


Founded in 1852, the University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest is a well-known institution of higher education in Romania, which is composed of Colleges of Agronomy, Horticulture, Animal Science, Veterinary College, Land Reclamation and Environmental Engineering, Biotechnology and Agronomic Economics, and Management and Rural Development. Sorin Mihai Cimpeanu, professor of Soil and Environmental Sciences, the Chairman of the national presidents’board of Romania and former national Prime Minister,  Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology of Education. Vice President Florin Stanica, professor of Pomology, academician of the Romanian Academy of Agronomy and Forestry, is one of "The First Batch of A Hundred International Experts Program in Hebei Province", a distinguished employed professor of the College of Horticulture in HEBAU.


Reporter: Sun Zhiying    Photo: Zhao Lingyun     Editor: Shi Chunxiang.