The delegation Led by President Shen Shuxing Visited Three Universities in Czech and Slovakia


During December 9-16, a delegation composed of President Shen Shuxing; Ran Longxian, the director of the International Cooperation Office; Yan Guojun, the director of the Administrative Committee of Bohai Campus; Zhang Wei, the dean of the College of Science and Technology on Bohai Campus and Liu Wancai, deputy director of the College of Literature and Management, visited the Czech University of Life Sciences, Charles University of Prague and Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra. The purpose of the visit is to implement the "Belt and Road Initiatives" and the strategic deployment of educational cooperation between Hebei Province and central and eastern European countries, comprehensively promote the cooperation between HEBAU and visiting colleges and universities, expand the channels of China - Foreign Cooperation, and further improve the internationalization level of higher education in HEBAU.


At the Czech University of Life Sciences, President Shen Shuxing and other staff of the delegation received warm welcome from President Jiři Balík. Shen Shuxing signed a memorandum of understanding with Czech University of Life Sciences, which marks the beginning of a new chapter of bilateral comprehensive cooperation. The two sides indicated that they would give full play to their respective advantages under the framework of the memorandum of understanding and strengthening practical cooperation in various areas such as education cooperation on the Bohai campus of HEBAU. The delegates carried out discussions with the staff from the College of Agricultural Biotechnology, the College of Food and Natural Resources, and Institute of Technology and reached a preliminary intent on short-term exchange program between teachers and students, English teaching undergraduate level dual degree programs and master's level "1+1" joint training projects on the disciplines of Agriculture and Food, Business Administration and Informatics and so on. During that time, the delegation visited the university's beer production workshop and management simulation laboratory.


At Charles University of Prague, the delegates were warmly received by the Vice Chancellor, Jan Škrha. During the talks, both sides agreed that, under the background of “Belt and Road Initiatives” and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Integration policy, with the aid of the Sino-Czech-Slovakia friendship farm and the exchange platform offered by Foreign Cooperation Summit together with Ambassador's Annual Meeting of the Sino-Czech-Slovakia Friendship Farm, the broader cooperation space would surely be opened up, and a leading demonstration area of Sino-Czech education in regional cooperation would be created. The delegates carried on the thorough exchange with the relevant persons in charge of Sino-Czech Exchange Center, Institute of Language and Vocational Training and Art College, and reached preliminary intent on carrying out "the EU lab" summer exchange program, establishing the Czech language training center, and carrying out the Czech-English bilingual training project.


During the visit in Czech, the delegates also kindly talked with Noemi Bene Š ova ms Guerrero, the Vice President of bilateral education exchange association, on how to make full use of Sino-Czech education exchange association platform, and got agreement on further cooperation between HEBAU and the Czech Republic Education Institutions.


At Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, the delegates were warmly welcomed by the President, Peter Bielik. During the talks, the two sides expressed their willingness to jointly build a Chinese-Foreign cooperatively-run institute, and discussed the relevant contents of institutional organization, management, professional setting, enrollment and degree awarding. During the period, the delegates visited the Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center of the university, the Institute of Biotechnology and Food Science and the College of Economics and Management. The two sides had in-depth exchanges and got agreement on cooperation of undergraduate exchange program, dual degree program and graduate cultivation program.


During the visit to Slovakia, the delegates talked with Jozef Dvonč, the mayor of Nitra and Eduard Šebo, the director of Sino-Czech Nitra Winery, the United Industries Company and visited the vineyard and winery and the production line of the United Industries Company.


Reporter: Sun Zhiying

Editor: Shi Chunxiang