Experts’ Feedback Meeting on Exam and Evaluation to Undergraduate Teaching Work Held at HEBAU


In the afternoon of November 3, Experts’ Feedback Meeting on Exam & Evaluation to Undergraduate Teaching Work was held at the auditorium, the Comprehensive Building of HEBAU. The Meeting was presided over by Zhao Zhong, Leader of Expert Team and Executive Deputy Secretary of Northwest A&F University, who, on behalf of the expert Team, notified the results of their evaluation work. Then the other experts, successively, talked about the existing problems in undergraduate teaching work at HEBAU and gave their suggestions for improvement. Hebei Provincial Education Department Deputy Director Wang Tingshan was invited to attend the Meeting and made a speech. After these, President Shen Shuxing gave a speech on behalf of HEBAU. All those who attended the Meeting are Party Secretary Rao Guisheng, some school leaders, teaching supervisors from colleges and the university, some mid-level responsible persons of the university, all department directors of Baoding campuses, professional responsible persons, teaching secretariats and coaches, and all the staff of Evaluation & Supervision Team, Evaluation and Construction Office, Teaching Affairs’ Office, Students’ Office, University’s Youth League Committee and the Advisory Center for Innovative and Entrepreneurial Education.

At the feedback meeting, on behalf of Expert Team, Leader Zhao Zhong pointed out that the school-running orientation and talents cultivation objectives at HEBAU match the demands of economic and social development in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, which has made important contribution to the cause of local agricultural science and education. The number of teachers and teaching resources can support the work of talents cultivation at HEBAU, as a whole. Teaching quality guarantee system and mechanism at both college level and university level has been set up, which is the warranty for the quality of talents cultivation. The students and the society are satisfied with school’s teaching quality, which has improved both the effect of school’s talents cultivation and the objectives of talents cultivation. In conclusion, all the 9 experts including Zhao Zhong put forward their sincere opinions and constructive suggestions for HEBAU’s future development in the aspects like school-running orientation, teachers’ construction, all links of teaching, scientific research, school’s occupational ethics construction, internationalized education and so on.

During the evaluation period, the expert team visited the Teaching Experimental Center for Culture and Art Management, Taihang Mount Road – the School’s History Exhibition Hall, the Cultural Park, the Cooperative Innovation Center for Dominant Discipline Group, Intelligent Greenhouse for Gardening Practice & Teaching, and Pictures Show for People Education. Then, they separately visited some infrastructures for education & teaching and some internship bases out of school like Students’ Dining-hall, library, Center for Literature and Laws, Teaching Center for Computer Practice, National-level Teaching Center for Experiment & Teaching Demonstration, Teaching Labs and so on. The Expert Team visited over 60 teaching units and departments, while having over 40 conversations and talks with more than 50 people, observing over 60 classes, reviewing 2500-plus examination papers of more than 30 courses and 1000-plus graduation theses and graduation designs of more than 20 majors. Also they selected and read more than 70 relevant administrative documents, coursewares, typical cases and supplementary materials from Teaching Affairs’ Office, Youth League Committee, Financial Department, Academic Degree Office and some colleges, as well as some relevant supporting documents.

In his speech, Wang Tingshan, on behalf of Hebei Provincial Education Department, expressed his lofty respect and heartfelt thanks to all the related experts. He also indicated that the Expert Team gave a full affirmation to HEBAU’s achievements in its teaching work and in its evaluation and construction work, while helping find problems existed at HEBAU, giving some advisory suggestions to HEBAU’s undergraduate teaching work and requesting HEBAU to pay highly attention to experts’ feedback, to do well rectification work, to work out rectification plan as soon as possible, to distribute detailed tasks, to give definite demands, to carry out the responsible system of rectification work and to have the experts’ suggestions to be transformed into the achievements of improving teaching quality and to have the achievements and positive effectiveness of the evaluation to be applied in the whole process of talent cultivation. At last, he stressed that Hebei Provincial Education Department will, as always, show its concerns and give its support to HEBAU’s construction and development and to assist and promote HEBAU’s education & teaching work and teaching management work for further improvement, which will contribute much to the construction of economic powerful province and beautiful Hebei.

Shen Shuxing, deeply moved by the experts’ 4-day hard work, expressed his thanks to their good ideas and suggestions on HEBAU’s undergraduate teaching work and on the existing problems and disadvantages on the basis of their affirmation to HEBAU’S school-running achievements and characteristics. He thought that the feedback from the experts is comprehensive, objective and pertinent. The problems found are profound, and their advices are in place and in high quality, which is an authoritative “report of medical exam” for undergraduate teaching work at HEBAU. This exam and evaluation is not only an over-all examination to the undergraduate teaching work at HEBAU, but also an important opportunity for HEBAU to find problems, to shore up its weak spots, to boost its characteristics and to assist its development. In the end, President Shen Shuxing expressed that the University will do research on some specific topics, will sum up and better understand the feedback, will draw up rectification plans and make corrective measures to consolidate evaluation and construction achievements and to enhance teaching quality of undergraduate education and school-running level with higher standard, stricter requirements and more practical measures.


Written by: Yang Xiaoli

Photographed by: Zhao Lingyun

Edited by: Department of Propaganda