Two Foreign-Aid Programs’ Completion Ceremonies Held at HEBAU



  On the afternoon of June 29, the two foreign-aid programs’ completion ceremonies were held successively. They are “2017 Training Course on Modern Agricultural Technology for Lesotho” and “2015-2017 Master Program on Agronomy” sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, the People’s Republic of China and conducted by Hebei Agricultural University. Vice President Gao Baojia and Li Shoumin, Deputy Director of International Cooperation and Exchange Division of Hebei Provincial Education Department attended the ceremonies, which were hosted by Ran Longxian, Director of International Cooperation Office, HEBAU.


  The 2017 Training Course on Modern Agricultural Technology for Lesotho took place from June 6 to 29. The 20 participants are officials and technicians in relevant agricultural departments and fields from Lesotho. During the training course, the participants not only had lectures and seminars in classrooms, but also had some field visits in Beijing, Xinle, Guyuan, Zhangbei and some other places to better experience and understand China’s national conditions and its modern agriculture development.


  The 2015-2017 Master Program on Agronomy is the 1st two-year foreign-aid program of academic degree education. Seventeen agricultural officials and technicians from Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Nepal were awarded Master degrees on agronomy after the revision of the University Degree Evaluation Committee and based on their completion of the 2-year study of specialized courses and their successful pass of thesis defenses.


  The 17 overseas students with master degree, after two years’ experience of various difficulties and upon their successful completion of course study with hard work and research in agricultural fields, have mastered professional knowledge systematically with the improvement of their academic and research level. They not only have witnessed China’s development and achievement in the fields of society, economy, culture and agricultural technologies, but also have experienced Chinese culture and harvested the friendship with better and deep understanding of Chinese society and culture.


  To better guarantee the quality of the program, the University attached high attention to it, including the specific measures of having more coordination meetings, having elaborate plans and considerate arrangements, having excellent teachers and administrative staff for the program and passing on overseas students systematic agricultural knowledge with practice like taking students to some enterprises, companies, agricultural parks and some experimental bases for field visits. All these teaching and life arrangements have left them good impressions to HEBAU and China. Among the 17 overseas students, seven of them have passed the evaluation of the University and will have the opportunities to continue their postgraduate education for Ph. D programs with HEBAU’s sponsorship.


  Those who attended the program-completion are Shi Zhongquan, Party Secretary of the College of Agronomy, Zhang Jianheng, Vice Dean of the College of Agronomy, teachers relating to this program, supervisors of the overseas students and some relevant people from the International Cooperation Office.


At the program-completion ceremony.


Vice President Gao Baojia granted course-completion certificates to the participants from Lesotho and had photos with them.


Written by: Zhao Xusheng

Photographed by: Zhao Lingyun

Edited by: Yang Xiaoli