A Delegation Composed of National Chemical University, Ukraine and National University of Technology, Vinnytsia to Bohai Campus, HEBAU


On May 22, Pivovarov Oleksandr, President of National Chemical University, Ukraine and Pavlov Sergii, Vice President of National University of Technology, Vinnytsia paid a visit to Bohai Campus, Hebei Agricultural University. Vice President Gao Baojia met the delegation and had a discussion on the Program of Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools with them. In the meeting, there were also Shembel Olena, Director of Power Center, National Chemical University, Ukraine and Waldemar Wójcik, Specially-Invited Professor of National University of Technology, Vinnytsia present.

At the meeting, Gao Baojia introuduced the current situation of the Program of Running Schools and put forward the proposal of establishing a Cooperative Body of Running Schools through the cooperative program of 4+0 and 2+2 credit transfer, while exchanging ideas on the cooperative programs between the two universities with Pavlov Sergii. Later on, Pivovarov Oleksandr gave a presentation on the situation of cooperative programs at National Chemical University, Ukraine, while Waldemar Wójcik had a brief introduction to specialities offered, research and talents cultivation at the Institute of Information Technology, Lublin University of Technology. After mutual communication, the visiting parties reached a broad consensus in the fields of cooperative programs of running schools, exchange programs in research and so on.


  Those who were also invited at the meeting are relevant comrades from Ruisenzer (Hebei) New Energy Technology Co. Ltd., Zhongjie Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, International Cooperation Office, Bohai Campus Administrative Committee, College of Science and Technology, Teaching Affairs’ Office and College of International Education.


Written by: Zhang Yifan, Zhang Xue

Edited by: Shi Chunxiang