Vice Governor Xu Jianpei Came to HEBAU for Work Guidance


Vice Governor Xu Jianpei Came to HEBAU for Work Guidance


  On the afternoon of May 19, accompanied by some relevant leaders from General Office of Hebei Provincial Government, Department of Education and Department of Science & Technology, Vice Governor Xu Jianpei of Hebei Province came to Hebei Agricultural University for a work guidance to the construction and development of HEBAU, who were also accompanied by Rao Guisheng, Party Secretary of HEBAU and Shen Shuxing, President of HEBAU


  The delegation led by Vice Governor Xu Jianpei visited the Cultural Park of Tailhang Mount Model, the History Museum of Taihang Mount Model, the exhibition of showing university students’ innovation and entrepreneurship achievements, while inspecting Document Control Center, Institute of Jujube Industrial Technology, Remote Monitoring Office of Apple Industry Technology System, Ministry of Agriculture, Key Lab of North China Crop Germplasm Resources of Ministry of Education and Hebei Pear Engineering Technology Research Center.


  During the inspection, Xu Jianpei listened to the detailed talk on the history development of HEBAU, school-running achievements, disciplines construction, talents cultivation, research achievement-transferring, social service and so on. Then he had a cordial ideas exchange with the people present. Xu Jianpei affirmed the achievements made in the reform and development at HEBAU and encouraged HEBAU to insist on carrying forward the Taihang spirit of Hard Work, Willing Dedication, Truth-Seeking and Pragmatic Engagement, Love for the Motherland and Service for the People, while earnestly studying the core spirit of Li Baoguo’s meritorious deeds instructed by Secretary-General Xi Jinping and deepening and expanding the Taihang Mount Road to let its spirit to be passed on generation to generation. At the same time, he also pointed out that HEBAU should increase scientific and technological innovation to some extent to promote the transformation of more achievements and to better serve for the development of economic society in Hebei by following the school-running motto with strong HEBAU’s characteristics.


  Those who were also invited to participate in the relevant activities are Ma Zhingying, Wang Yimin, Gao Baojia, Yang Huilai, Yao Junke and some comrades in charge from HEBAU.




The delegation led by Xu Jianpei are visiting the Remote Monitoring Office for Apple Industry Technical System, Ministry of Agriculture.


Written by: Yang Xiaoli

Photographed by: Gu Zhanyuan

Edited by: Shi Chunxiang