The graduates of AUH from Pomology 9301 were awarded the “Top 10 Influential People who Touched Hebei”



On January 16th, Award Ceremony of Diamond Cup 2011’s "Top 10 News and Top 10 Influential People in Hebei" performed in Hebei Hall. AUH’s graduates from Pomology 9301 were awarded the "Top 10 Influential People who Touched Hebei"


They had once made a promise to take care of Mr. Li Weihe throughout his life,  and they have done their best to keep their words for 15 years.

Judges’ Panel says:"Keeping promise for 15 years is showing what exactly the love is. These people’s stroy is telling us the power of insistent and encouraging us to do better for our promise."

Award Ceremony is considerably an authoritative activity in Hebei Province. Over 1,000 audience attended it and were touched deeply.