Key Disciplines

National Key Disciplines

Crop Genetics and Breeding

Key Discipline of Ministry of Agriculture


Key Discipline of State Forestry Administration

Forest Cultivation

Disciplines with Strong Characteristics in Hebei

1. Crop Science

2. Horticulture

3. Plant Protection

4. Forestry

Provincial Key Disciplines

1. Crop Cultivation and Geoponics

2. Crop Genetics and Breeding

3. Pomology

4. Plant Pathology

5. Animal Nutrition and Feed Science

6. Forest Cultivation

7. Structural Engineering

8. Farming Mechanization Engineering

9. Agro-Product Processing and Storage Engineering

10. Management of Agro-economy

11. Animal Genetics Breeding and Reproduction Science

Post-Doctorial Research Programs

1. Plant Protection

2. Crop Science

3. Horticulture

4. Forestry

5. Agro-Forestry Economic Management

Key Labs and Engineering Centers

1. National Research Center for Agro-Engineering in Northern Mountainous Areas

2. Key Laboratory for Horticultural Products Quality & Safety and Variety Improvement, the Ministry of Agriculture

3. Hebei Branch of National Soybean Improvement Center, Ministry of Agriculture

4. Hebei Branch of National Maize Improvement Center, Ministry of Agriculture

5. Zhangbei Agricultural Resource & Ecological Environment Key Field Research Station, Ministry of Agriculture

6. Research Centre of Agro-engineering Technology in Hebei Mountainous Areas

7. Research Centre of Hebei Peach Engineering Technology

8. Base Centre for Applied Basic Research on Crop Stress Resistance & Disease-Pest Resistance of Hebei Province

9. Hebei Biological Control Centre for Plant Diseases and Plant Pests

10. Lab of Hebei Crop Germplasm Resources

11. Research Centre of Hebei Social Planning on “Three Rural Issues”

12. Research Centre of Hebei Goat & Cattle Embryo Engineering Tehnology

13. Lab of Hebei Crop Growth & Development Regulation

14. Hebei Rural Informationization Engineering Research Centre

15. Lab of Bioinorganic Chemistry of Hebei

Agricultural University of Hebei welcomes applications from academically qualified students all over the world.  In order to benefit from your studies, you need to demonstrate that you have a good level of written and spoken Chinese before taking up a place here.

Degree programs

·Undergraduate courses
     We offer a wide range of bachelor’s degree courses, including BSc (Bachelor of Science) and BA (Bachelor of Arts) qualifications.
·Postgraduate courses
·Doctoral degrees

Non-degree programs
 ·Pre-sessional Chinese Course
 ·General scholar
 ·Senior scholar

It is important to check the application deadline for your chosen course. You should also allow enough time to apply for your visa if you will need one.