Message from the President



Message from the President

Since its establishment in 1902 as the first higher agricultural education implementer in China and the oldest institution in Hebei, the Hebei Agricultural University (HEBAU) has been the pioneer of higher education in Hebei and the forefront of agricultural modernization of the Province.

The history of HEBAU is a narrative of response to the local society's call. Following the motto formed in its infant years- “In agricultural education, truth could not be obtained without practice; the subtleness of matters could not be approached without experiments; and neither practice nor experiments should be neglected in favor of the other”, HEBAU has forged a tradition of running the school with a combination of teaching, research, and production. This tradition later became known nationwide as the “Taihang Mt. Road” philosophy.

Today, HEBAU has been built into a multidisciplinary university, with a specialty of agronomy and forestry, covering the 8 fields of agriculture, engineering, basic sciences, economics, management, literature, law and medicine. The spirit of “hard working, willing dedication, truth-seeking and pragmatic engagement, patriotism and service for the people”, has been serving as treasures to promote overall advancement of the university and the development of agriculture in Hebei in improving itself and its students. 

On behalf of the entire HEBAU family, I am pleased to welcome people with lofty ideals from home and abroad to join HEBAU!


Shen Shuxing


Hebei Agricultural University